A recap of our major moments this semester
The Latest & Greatest from LaunchNET Kent State
We went through a lot of eras this semester. Some great, some not so good, some just down right silly. 

Thank you for joining us on this tour. We'll see you next time! 🫶
$upport Era
It's not everything but a little extra cash isss pretty nice. We're here to help you reach your business and academic goals...some of those goals take money.
Scholarship Awards
Congratulations to the winners of our Marty Erbaugh Student Entrepreneur Scholarship! Your hard work is evident in the effort you put towards your startups and courses. We're very proud of you and glad we can support you along that journey. 
This semester we were able to support current students with microgrants up to $500 for their businesses. This summer we are supporting alumni with microgrants up to $3,000.

Current students: keep an eye out because microgrants for you will also be returning this summer 🤭
Alumni Microgrants
Pondering Era
Y'all don't be pondering as hard as us. We started a new series this semester of open mic nights for entrepreneurs that lead into a final showcase.
Pitch & Ponder
Pitch & Ponder Showcase
Getting After It Era
If we do one thing, it's get after it. Our students and alumni were coming up with their own initiatives this semester with some exciting turnouts. 
The Merch
The Podcast
Listen Now
The Marketing Series
LaunchNET client and KSU alumni, Angelique Wong, hosted her very own marketing series! Angelique reached out to us about an idea she had to further her experience and we helped her make it happen. 
Flop Era
It do be like that sometimes. We tried some things this semester. Did they work? No. But that's okay because failure teaches us and humbles us. 
Co-Working 🚫
Never again (unless you wanna 👀)
Thankful Era
We <3 you. To our clients, team, partners, readers, and friends: you have all been so kind and your support with everything we do is so greatly appreciated. 
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