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You know, for the longest time I wasn't a fan of corn -- which truly feels like a cardinal sin when living in Ohio -- but then I saw corn kids interview. This little guy was so passionate about corn on the cob, listing off a hundred and one pros and loving every bite, that I started thinking maybe I've been wrong this whole time.

Now as I sit here, playing the corn remix on repeat in my head and snacking on some knobs, I can confidently say that this kid has no idea what he's talking about. Corn is not that good. But you go off little dude. Proud of you.

Highlights for the week include: Black Women Bosses is back for a fall cohort, Golden Hour at The Lumen, podcasts for minority entrepreneurs, and Akron Pride 🏳️‍🌈
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Black Women Bosses 10-Week Cohort
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Events & Opportunities
Golden Hour - The Lumen | Greyt Culture
Rooftop happy hour concert for artists, entrepreneurs, and other creative endeavoring people. Featuring music by Argonaut & Wasp.

Friday, August 26th at 5pm
Resources & Education
Discover 16 high-quality educational podcasts for BIPOC entrepreneurs to listen to and learn from. 

Fun & Stuff
Akron Pride Festival
Join us as Pride takes over downtown Akron. Enjoy local and national entertainers, exhibitors, interactive children's area, food trucks, nosh and so much more!

Saturday, August 27th
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