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The sun is shining, the daffodils are blooming, and everyone's back on campus. What a lovely way to go into April.

Highlights for the week include: scholarships for LaunchNET clients, the marketing series continues, leadership consultant opportunities, reproductive health and justice, gremlins, and a focus group with food.
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Scholarships for Student Entrepreneurs
LaunchNET currently has two scholarships available! Whether you just have an idea or have already have begun your venture, we have a scholarship to fit your needs. 
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Foundations of Marketing for Small Businesses
This week's Foundations of Marketing session will be about Consistency with your marketing efforts.

Wednesday, April 5 at 6pm (in-person and online)
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Let's Get After It with Dan Hampu
Take a listen as we talk with Burton D. Morgan Foundation President and CEO, Dan Hampu. He shares his journey through the startup ecosystem and advice he has for other entrepreneurs. 

Bonus: Hear why he'd love to be a honey badger.
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Events & Opportunities
SLC Application
Register: Reproductive Health
Resources & Education
Locking down your best time to post on Instagram can make or break if your content is reaching your audience when they're most active. And, if you're looking to build an engaged community, it's an important factor to keep in mind. ⭐
Pre-meeting anxiety doesn’t have to ruin your day.

Fun & Stuff
About LyfeLit and its founders:
LyfeLit is an educational platform that aims to teach the next generation of adults how to navigate the complex societal systems through entertaining and interactive content and actionable tools — in other words, we're teaching you what school didn't teach you.

About the Focus Group:
We want to test out our platform! We will show participants our user experience wireframe, as well as a couple of examples of the video content that will be used on the platform.

Your main tasks will be to be completely honest with us — just tell us what you think about each part of our platform.

What is in it for you?
We will provide food and soft drinks at our focus groups. In addition, depending on your progress through the platform during the focus group you will acquire LyfeLit coins that can be exchanged for convenience store products, groceries, and more! 

Potential intern opportunities available!
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