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Suns out, TUMS out. That's right, I'm talking about antacids. We are kicking off this summer with tummy problems.

So, what's the cause? Is it the iced coffee? Is it the hot sauce? Maybe it's the anxiety? Pickles? Butterflies in my stomach? 👀

I have no clue, but worry not, I'm on the case. I'll update you guys once I get some answers, but if you'll excuse me I have to go down some Pepto.   

Highlights for this month include scholarship winners (congrats 🥳), cookies (!!), free courses on content creation as an entrepreneur, pitching opportunities, productivity and career development, and Golden Hour. 
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News & Announcements
Congratulations to the winners of our Paul L. Pfeiffer Student Startup Scholarship and Mentor Award, and our Marty Erbaugh Student Entrepreneur Scholarship! 

Your hard work towards your venture and this school were evident throughout your application and we are honored to present you with these awards. 
Kent State faculty member, Tina Bhargava, is kicking off her new “official side hustle”—Just Add Cookies!  Bhargava has been making homemade, hand-decorated cookies for just over a year, and is excited be able to expand into a small business, with the support of LaunchNET. “Cookie decorating is a creative, hands-on activity that brings me joy, refreshes my mental bandwidth, and helps balance the intellectual work of teaching and scholarly pursuits,” says Bhargava. “I’m hoping I will be able to spread the joy to others!”

More info can be found on her website (and check out her Summer Cookie Club!): www.justaddcookies.com
LaunchNET is Hiring!
We are currently looking for student employees for the Fall 2022 semester. These are paid, part time positions open to all students and all majors. 
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The Marty Erbaugh i3 Lab Pilot Program Launches Alongside Burton D. Morgan Foundation Entrepreneurship Suite Naming
Our i3 Lab is a space collaboratively led by LaunchNET and Design Innovation that guides student teams in developing their business and products.  

This semester we launched our pilot program with five different teams with ideas ranging from flexible circuit boards to beauty brands to crypto currency podcasts.
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Events & Opportunities
Mspire Pitch Competition | Magnet
Have an idea for a physical product or manufacturing service? Apply for Mspire, Northeast Ohio’s only pitch challenge just for manufacturing entrepreneurs.

Apply by Tuesday, May 31st
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Free Mini Courses | The Tilt Education
Are you a content creator? Are you trying to build an audience and develop your business as an entrepreneur?

This course includes Joe’s lesson video, worksheets, explainer videos, and other resources all curated into one FREE mini course.
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Pitch Cypher | JumpStart
Get ready to pitch your startup or idea to a live audience and panel of experts at the next Pitch Cypher event.

Pitch Cypher is a tech-focused pitch event perfect for idea- to early-stage founders looking for feedback and new opportunities.

Taking place on Thursday, June 16th
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Resources & Education
Some extensions provide additional security, while others let you save time by automating repetitive tasks. There are also some great productivity tools available in the Chrome Web Store.

The a16z Podcast discusses tech and culture trends, news, and the future – especially as ‘software eats the world’. It features industry experts, business leaders, and other interesting thinkers and voices from around the world.

It’s half a year ago. I am mentally going through the most difficult time in my life. I am on a sixth phone call in a row with the Education Desk of the University of Amsterdam, desperately changing…
Fun & Stuff
Golden Hour - Intro Cleveland | Greyt Culture
Golden Hour is a rooftop happy hour series for artists, entrepreneurs, and other creative endeavoring people. Featuring music and refreshments from local vendors!