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Yo bro, who got you smiling like that, like --

🧡✨🌈our students coming back 🧡✨🌈

Welcome back, friends! We hope you're settling in well on campus. The transition from home to school can be a lot, so take things in one at a time and be kind to yourselves. 

We've included some upcoming events for this semester along with a recap of our summer. Give it a quick scroll and explore a little more when you have time.
Flash Forward
We have an exciting line up of events this semester and while attendance is not required, it is very much appreciated. Find an event that piques your interest and click the image below to learn more.
Even with the Jeff Bezos song stuck in our heads and binge watching Never Have I Ever (#TeamPaxton), we still managed to accomplish a lot this summer. Check out some of our summer highlights:
David Cameron | Blue Wolf Martial Arts
Niara Johnson | PrairieLande
Grace Irvin-DIllard | Touched By Grace (TBG)
Deshpande 2021 | Inclusive Entrepreneurship on Campus
Burton D. Morgan Foundation | Collegiate Entrepreneurship through Microgrants
LaunchNET | New Team Member
Burton D. Morgan Foundation | Grant Support Awarded for Entrepreneurs of all Ages and Backgrounds
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