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This morning I woke up and began my casual scroll through Tik Tok where I now prioritize checking a pugs stature to see how my day is going to go. As I'm preparing this it's a BONES DAY -- so brb while I treat myself to an iced matcha latte.

Highlights for this week include student job opportunities with the library, Professionals with Pride 🌈, and how to incorporate meme marketing. 
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Newsweek Names Kent State One of the Best Maker Schools in the World | Kent State University
Kent State University has been recognized in Newsweek’s 2021 list of the Best Maker Schools in Higher Education, an international list that includes some of the most prestigious universities throughout the world!

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SkyHack 3.0
SkyHack is a weekend-long aviation focused design challenge that enables exploration of your passions and interaction with different majors and employers.

This is a free event with food, refreshments and prizes. Open to students from any U.S. university.

November 5-7, 2021
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Student Job Opportunity | University Libraries
Social Media Assistant | Communications Office

Assist University Libraries’ Communications Office with the management of the department’s social media platforms for the purpose of promoting events, programs, facilities and resources.

This is a paid position.
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Events & Opportunities
Professionals with Pride
VIRTUAL EVENT Professionals with Pride will connect affirming and inclusive employers who are intentionally, through policy and practice, LGBTQIA+ supportive with the best college/university talent in the region.

LaunchNET will be providing tips and feedback on elevator pitches! Stop by if you're interested in running your pitch by someone before speaking with employers.

October 21, 2021 | 3-7pm
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The Commons - Developing Leaders, Growing Companies, Improving NE Ohio | EDGE
The Commons Program is designed to attract, develop, and retain talented and motivated minds by blending career and innovation skills with mentoring professionals to give students a truly unique, real-world experience.

No cost to students to participate.
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How They Did It: Success Stories & Advice from Top Entrepreneurs in Tech
At this live and interactive event you will hear from underrepresented startup experts from around the world who will share their success stories, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid, to help put you on your path to startup success.

October 20, 2021 | 8-9:30pm
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Resources & Education
It’s easy to get caught up in being comfortable with your situation. Here is a 5-step guide to figuring out the next step in your career.

Want to add some trendy humor to your social marketing strategies? Enjoy some hilarious memes that work well as marketing campaigns.

You wouldn’t go swimming alone, lift heavy weights alone, or work in a lab alone. Most of us won’t even go to the movies alone. But when it comes to starting a company, a surprisingly high percentage of us are willing to go it alone.

Fun & Stuff
ICYMI: Machine Gun Kelly's sun is Taurus, moon is Pisces, and rising is Gemini. He has a stellium of planets in Pisces and his sun is in the 12th house, which is the house that's ruled by Neptune, which is the ruler of Pisces.

Credit: Megan Fox, astrology expert
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