In the wise words of Doja Cat, "must be the way that the planets is"
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Now I'm not one to traditionally blame astrology and planetary alignment, but Mercury needs to cut off this toxic relationship with retrograde cause it's getting to be a little much. On a positive note, Fall Break begins this Thursday and I'm hoping we can all benefit from a little time out. Enjoy your break and we'll see you all next week!

Highlights for this week include All the CEO Ladies this Wednesday, Professionals with Pride 🌈, advice on how to refocus as an entrepreneur, and quokkas!
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Elevator Pitch Recap
Last Thursday we hosted our annual Elevator Pitch competition, and we couldn't have asked for a better turnout. We heard some incredible pitches throughout the evening, and we're so proud of the students who were courageous enough to share their ideas.

Congratulations to our winners: Angelique Wong, Jillian Eddy, Isiah Harrison, and Mohammed Haque! We can't wait to see what you do next with your ventures.

Thank you to everyone that attended, participated, and supported Elevator Pitch, you all played a key role in making this such a successful event. Special thanks to Design Innovation for collaborating with us on this event and managing all the technical aspects (🙏), and shout to our fantastic judges for providing their time and expertise.
All the CEO Ladies
All the CEO Ladies is a group that supports the entrepreneurial women of Kent State.

Register for the October 13th meeting of All the CEO Ladies, featuring guest speaker Chacho Valadez! Chacho is the Principal at Backstage Capital and Chief of Staff to Arlan Hamilton -- author of It's About Damn Time, the book we are framing this semester around!

This virtual meeting is taking place this Wednesday, October 13 at 5:30pm!
Register Here
SkyHack 3.0
SkyHack is a weekend-long aviation focused design challenge ✈️

We will have 5 unique challenge streams to choose from that will enable you to explore various issues in the aviation industry. Work together with students from multiple universities as you ‘hack’ and plan your way to a grand prize!

This is a free event with food, refreshments and prizes. Open to students from any U.S. university.

November 5-7, 2021
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Events & Opportunities
MORTAR | Bounce Innovation Hub
MORTAR at Bounce is a 15-week business accelerator that helps existing and emerging entrepreneurs learn the nuances of business ownership and build a comprehensive business canvas.  The program is open to any entrepreneur or small business owner, while focusing on minorities and women. 

Apply by Tuesday, October 19
Apply Here
Professionals with Pride
VIRTUAL EVENT Professionals with Pride will connect affirming and inclusive employers who are intentionally, through policy and practice, LGBTQIA+ supportive with the best college/university talent in the region.

Professionals with Pride is open to ALL students and alumni seeking:
  • Full-time, part-time, internship, and co-op opportunities
  • On-campus opportunities
  • Industry information
  • Networking contacts
  • An inclusive environment and safe workplace for LGBTQIA+ identifying job-seekers
LaunchNET will be providing tips and feedback on elevator pitches! Stop by if you're interested in running your pitch by someone before speaking with employers.
Register Here
Resources & Education
One of my key messages to entrepreneurs, as a business advisor and angel investor, is “focus.” It is better to be known to do one thing exceptionally well than to do many things poorly.

So, in order to make more impact, the first rule of thumb here is to focus. Here are a few things you can do to help you with that.
Starting a new site? Giving an old one a new look? Learn about elements of modern web design and what you should be incorporating into your website.
Launching a business is hard. Launching a business solo is extremely hard. The E-Myth Manager Revisited explains that it’s because you go from being the Technician to an Entrepreneur...

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