Shame on Me
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I genuinely thought April Fools Day was a thing of the past. An ancient relic of nostalgia we cling to in memory but never in action.

Boy was I wrong.

Apparently big companies still indulge in this phenomenon and apparently I'm foolish enough to fall for it.

If you're a frequent Spotify user you probably noticed the quaint AI DJ feature come to life a few months ago. I've been using said DJ and enjoying the little mixes it puts together. Mr. DJ decided to talk to me on Monday (April 1), which looking back should've tipped me off. He then proceeds to share a song with me where the lyrics described how he felt. I'll let you take a listen.

The worse part: I simply assumed it was a glitch, a silly mistake by Spotify. But no, the only one messing up here was me.

Highlights for the week include: contests and workshops for crafters 🧶, a showcase to share your business with others 📣, scholarships to financially support your accomplishments 💰, becoming the game master 👾, and connecting with small business owners 🤝
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News & Announcements
Crafterpreneurship Workshops & Contest
  • Learn how to make money with yourcrafting skills—featuring crafting throughout!
On Friday, April 12 from 1-4pm

  • Submit your crafts for a chance to win $100 and some other fun prizes!
Submit by Sunday, April 14
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Small Business Showcase | Apr 18
Join us for our end of semester showcase! This will be a tabling event featuring Kent State entrepreneurs and the businesses they have been working on. Sign up to have a table and grow your audience, or simply to attend and support local entrepreneurs.

Thursday, April 18 from 4-6pm
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Funding & Support
Scholarships & Awards
We are offering two student scholarships along with a faculty mentor award this semester! This financial support is geared towards entrepreneurial students and faculty:
  • Marty Erbaugh Student Entrepreneur Scholarship - $1,000 for idea phase and launched ventures
  • Paul L. Pfeiffer Endowed Entrepreneurship Award - $1,000 for launched ventures
  • Paul L. Pfeiffer Mentor Award - $1,000 for faculty who support student innovations
Due THIS FRIDAY April 5, 2024
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Events & Opportunities
Let’s Make the Rules: A Game Creation Experience | DI
Dive into the vibrant world of game design, development and play as we celebrate neurodiversity with an exciting new challenge! Interested in using games as a way to understand and address neurodiversity strengths and challenges?

Friday, April 5 from 12 - 6 PM
DI Hub
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Cleveland Impact Program's 20th Small Business Showcase | JumpStart
Join JumpStart and the Cleveland Browns for a special 20th Anniversary Entrepreneur Showcase, featuring the 20th Cohort of JumpStart’s Small Business Impact Program. 

See pitches on a grand scale and connect with other entrepreneurs in the area to build your community!

Tuesday, May 7 from 5 - 8:30pm
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