Join us for our 10 year celebration, we know you wanna.
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If I'm the one breaking this news to you, I'm so sorry but I quite literally am in disbelief and cannot contain this information.

Little old Ned -- NED -- from the Try Guys, who so dearly and outwardly expressed his love for his wife, has apparently cheated on her. It's just alleged right not, but there's been some photos and part of my childhood feels like it's crumbling. I gotta go.

Highlights for the week include: tabling at a LaunchNET event, micrograaaants, internship opportunities, advice on life and work and Reels, plus Michael Cera 👑
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Tabling Opportunity | LaunchNET 10 Year Celebration
During our 10 Year Celebration event on Thursday, October 20th we would like to showcase the people who have helped make LaunchNET the success that is is today: our clients. 

If you are interested in being an exhibitor at our event, sharing your business idea, and building your network; please fill out the linked form.
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Microgrants up to $500
We are offering funding via microgrants to help Kent State student entrepreneurs move their ideas forward and reach their goals. Grants range from $99-500 with limited availability for Fall 2022.
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Art Without Limits
A day-long event focusing on arts entrepreneurship and developing an entrepreneurial mindset in the arts.

October 7, 2022
In-person at the DI Hub and Virtual
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Events & Opportunities
Homecoming Events | Kent State University
Homecoming is this week and Kent State has a lot going on to celebrate. 

May we recommend one of our favorites: the CCI and DI Student Showcase, taking place in the DI Hub Gallery on the 2nd floor
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Virtual Craft Entrepreneurship | Hudson Library
The Hudson Library & Historical Society are offering a virtual Etsy course, aimed at shop owners who have an Etsy store and who are looking to grow their business.

This four-week course will cover how to build a solid customer profile and use it to strengthen your shop’s branding, listings, and appearance.

Applications due on October 5th
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Tech Internship Program | EEC
EEC will share your resume with Northeast Ohio startups who are looking to hire Northeast Ohio technical talent. Pay will be up to $25/hr depending on the company. Companies will reach directly out to you if interested.
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Resources & Education
Find out how skateboarder-turned-serial entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek masters learning, finances, and more with a preview of his interview with Trends.

When two become one: spice up your social strategy with Instagram Collabs 🤝
Ok let’s be honest. we’ve all been there. Nobody can be consistently productive. after all, we’re humans and not a Robo. we all have our…

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