We're celebrating 10 years this month!
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Happy Tuesday, everyone. It's officially October and I'm having mixed feelings about it. Don't get me wrong, I love the fall vibes and I'm thrilled about the "I'm dead" skeleton memes...but this also means deadlines are approaching and stress levels are sky-🚀ing.

Highlights for the week include: the LaunchNET 10 Year Celebration, money for your business, a post-grad fellowship opportunity, feeling refreshed (especially after this retrograde 🥴), and an update on Ned. 
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LaunchNET 10-Year Anniversary Celebration
We're celebrating 10 years of LaunchNET (and the unveiling of the new Burton D. Morgan Foundation Entrepreneurship Suite 👀) with food, drinks, an entrepreneur showcase, and a gallery exhibit!

Join us for the fun on Thursday, October 20th from 4-6pm.
Microgrants up to $500
We are offering funding via microgrants to help Kent State student entrepreneurs move their ideas forward and reach their goals. Grants range from $99-500 with limited availability for Fall 2022.
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Events & Opportunities
Black Business Accelerator | Amazon
Create a Professional selling account and certify your business as Black-owned to unlock a suite of resources to help you find success in our store.

Available Resources include: financial assistance, business education & coaching, and marketing & advertising support.
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Launch a Career in Entrepreneurship | Venture for America
Venture For America’s Fellowship might be the choice for you. Their program is based on the belief that some of the best learning comes through experience. 

As a Venture For America Fellow, you’ll work as a salaried employee at a startup or organization in one of their cities for two years. During that time, you’ll learn what it takes to build and run a company, and prepare for life at a startup by getting access to support and training that hones your technical and interpersonal skills. You’ll also find lifelong friends, an entrepreneurial community, and a network of individuals ready to help you take your ambitions to the next level. 

You can learn more by watching this 2 minute videoconnecting with a recruiter or attending one of their webinars. If you’re ready to apply, you can start an application below.
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